Saam Farahmand’s creative campaign for the Last Shadow Puppets


Saam Farahmand’s creative campaign for the Last Shadow Puppets

Saam took Miles Kane and British icon Alex Turner into realms of performance that startled everyone (including themselves).

Initially, as creative director of the campaign, Saam asked veteran director Nicolas Roeg (The Man Who Fell to Earth, Performance) if he would direct the three videos, but in the end (with Roeg unable to take it on and with his approval), Saam created a three-video period homage to Roeg, involving a failed dancer, an oppressive gangland fiancé, a disrupted wedding and a tryst with two louche playboy singers. Everything was presented in reverse chronology through abstract interludes, repetition and self conscious film languages. He worked hard with Miles and Alex, who had never acted or danced in this way.

The first video, Everything That You’ve Come to Expect, was shot nine times with Oldboy cinematographer Chung Hoon-Chung, who created one of the most iconic one-take fight scenes of all time. Saam worked with programmers so that every time a viewer clicked on the link they would (without knowing it) see a slightly different (almost indistinguishable) version of the video, with the YouTube view-count reset. For this to be possible he had to persuade the music label that an intimate experience shared only by few was more powerful than the superficial experience of something shared with millions.



Client: Last Shadow Puppets
Director: Saam Farahmand

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