Dan Wieden speaks to D&AD


“I wish I’d done that” – Climate Name Change

To discuss advertising, we asked Dan Wieden, the winner of the 2012 D&AD President’s Award, and Chairman of one of the most influential advertising agencies this side of the millenium, Wieden+Kennedy.

To find out more about the brains behind Climate Name Change, Barton F. Graf 9000 we spoke to founder Gerry Graf.

Dan Wieden said of Climate Name Change, “I Wish I’d Done That’. How does that feel?

To have our work mentioned by one of the most, maybe the most, important men in the past 30 years of advertising is mind blowing.

What were your fears in creating Climate Name Change?

We didn’t want it to come off as partisan, just bashing the right. There are idiots and bad people on both sides.

Is dabbling in politics dangerous for ad agencies?

If you have a great idea, who cares which side its for.

Is climate change a topic that’s close to the heart of BFG9000?

Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan last year. Hurricanes are supposed to hit Florida which is 1500 miles south, never NYC. After going through that we started talking about the fact that it’s quite obvious that we have completely altered the weather patterns.

What have been some of the more extreme responses to the Climate Name Change?

President Obama’s office called us and said they liked it. That was pretty huge.

D&AD’s White Pencil celebrates work that puts a social or environmental change at its heart. Is this something you expect to see more of from the advertising industry?

Yes. There are brilliant creative minds in our industry. I think they would like to have a chance to make the world a better place.

Client: 350 Action
Director: Ted Pauly
Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000

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