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Grey NY, Ad Council Launch ‘Healthy Mouth’ PSAs

by Erik Oster

These PSAs are based on the insight that despite tooth decay being the “single most common chronic childhood disease” (yeah, we weren’t aware that it qualified as a “disease” either), a recent Ad Council survey found that 75 percent of parents admit that their kids sometimes forget to brush. So to show parents that just two minutes a day of making sure their kids take care of their teeth can make a lifetime impact, Grey New York crafted a series of PSAs about things you can’t teach your kids in two minutes. It’s a clever approach, and highlights just how little effort is needed on the part of parents to ensure proper oral hygiene. In one 30-second spot (featured above), a man gives his daughter a crash course on bike riding. In other spots a man spends 30 seconds teaching his child manners and a woman attempts to teach her son to cook.

Client: AdCouncil
Director: Brian Aldrich
Agency: Grey NY

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