Ted Pauly

Ted Pauly

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    Armed with the practical know-how afforded by a BA in Art Therapy and Practice from Northwestern and a MFA in Painting from UPenn, Ted Pauly found solace in the arms of MTV’s On Air Promos department. When he began writing and directing image campaigns for the channel, a new career was born.

    Ted Pauly was recently named as one of nine top comedy directors by Shots Magazine / Source Creative on the heels of his new film “Happy.” A film for Future Forward USA and Open Labs, it highlights in a hyperbolic manner three of the main groups most enjoying our current president and how out-of-touch with every day Americans they really are. Testing of the ad saw seven points of movement to Democrats on 2018 midterm vote preference among those who voted for Trump in '16, but Obama in '12 or '08. The film has gained recognition in top advertising trades, as well as social media, with tweets from Jon Favreau of Pod Save America and Jesse Ferguson, former Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Spokesperson for Hillary Clinton. 

    He helmed the film “Climate Name Change” for Barton F. Graf, which proposes to name hurricanes after the policymakers who obstruct climate policy. “Climate Name Change” garnered top awards from Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, and many more – in addition to landing Ted on Creativity’s Ten Most Awarded Directors list for that year.

    Ted’s commercials include films for Snickers, Verizon, Old Spice, Volkswagen and Chevy.  He’s worked with agencies such as BBDO, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH, Venables, Bell & Partners and Anomaly.