Dougal Wilson

Dougal Wilson

IKEA / Playin’ With My Friends / Mother London


    Dougal Wilson is known for his meticulous approach to craft and the whimsical, charming touches he brings to storytelling. Dougal studied astrophysics. He began his career in advertising as a copywriter at The Leith Agency in Edinburgh before going on to direct his first ads and music videos . 

    Of ads, Dougal comments, “I like ones where there’s a little twist in reality…where the laws of reality are slightly exaggerated or change, and where something is awry.”

    In 2019, Dougal was named Director of the Year by AdAge/Creativity. His 2018 film for Apple, “Barbers,” garnered the ADC Black Cube, numerous Cannes Lions, D&AD and One Show Pencils. That same year,  he was named one of AdWeek’s Top 100 "Creatives Behind the Most Innovative Work." In 2017, he was awarded the Grand Prix for Film at Cannes Lions for his film “We’re the Superhumans” out of the U.K.’s Channel 4.