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Zak Razvi

Zak Razvi



    Zak Razvi hails from South London and is a self-confessed Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter addict.

    After graduating with a degree in Media, Zak began his career as a producer at BBH London before moving to Pulse to run the music video department. His time as a producer collaborating with directors, overseeing ideas from initial conception through to execution, led him to directing his own projects.

    His short film, Jordanne, was officially selected at 17 international film festivals and won Best Documentary Short at the London Independent Film Festival, British Documentary Film Festival and the Kinsale Shark Awards. Zak was named Best Up & Coming Director at the Creative Circle Awards and Best New Director at the Shots Awards in 2015.

    Zak’s powerful films for the Road Safety Authority of Ireland give voice to an unspeakable tragedy. The extended series gives us insight into the family, emergency responders and nurses individual stories, each recounting their harrowing experience in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. With Zak’s mature and empathetic direction he shows profound care in bearing witness to this all too common occurrence.

    Zak’s first foray into the music video realm is the emotionally poignant “Don’t Worry About Me,” for Frances. The nuanced film demonstrates his ability to be both contemporary and timeless.

    His favorite foods are ice cream and Belfast baps.