Furlined Wins Two Grand LIAs

Furlined Wins Two Grand LIAs

The London International Awards announced its 2019 winners. 

The New York Times “The Truth Is Worth It” campaign took home two Grand LIA’s - one for  Editing and another for Sound Design. Academy Award-winning directors Martin + Lindsay, Final Cut, and Wave Studios partnered with Droga5, to create “The Truth Is Worth It.” The campaign makes a statement about the power of journalism today, and the search for truth. 

The campaign also garnered six Golds -  two in Editing, one in the TV/Cinema/Online Film Campaign category, one in Sound Design and two in Media Promotion.  

Dougal Wilson’s “Train” for AT&T earned a Silver in the TV/Cinema/Online Film Campaign category and three Bronze - one for Direction, one in 2D & Stop Motion Animation, and another in Visual Effects. The film tells the tale of a Wild West train heist turned whimsical stop motion animation juxtaposing the breadth of content available with AT&T unlimited plans. 

Dougal also took home a Bronze in the TV/Cinema/Online category  for Apple’s “A Little Company” in which a global ensemble of seven Elvis Presley impersonators are joined together by Group FaceTime.