Erin Heidenreich

Erin Heidenreich

Dove / Always


    From a small town in Wisconsin, to The Netherlands, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Tribal areas of Pakistan, Erin seeks to discover the common human themes that connect us all across diverse and foreign cultures.

    Erin’s feature length documentary film, The War to Be Her, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016 to critical acclaim. The film tells the story of Maria Toorpakai, from the Taliban controlled region of Waziristan, who disguised herself as a boy growing up so she could play sports. In the short film, Rising Sons, Erin traveled to The Democratic Republic of the Congo to chronicle an uncommon and highly successful approach to ending sexual violence. 

    Winning Silver for the Glass Lion at the 2019 Cannes Lions, Erin’s film for Dove’s #ShowUs campaign, aims to celebrate a more diverse and inclusive portrayal of women and beauty. Erins campaign for Always underscores the impact that income inequality can have on a young woman’s education. 

    While Erin resides in Los Angeles, her passion for seeking out and connecting with individuals who challenge the status quo, takes her to places far and wide across the globe.

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