Martin + Lindsay in Vice

Martin + Lindsay in Vice

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The Best Online Short Films

This year was great for ​shorts. Whether you were learning about ​the most dangerous sport o​n earth, what it's like ​to be stuck ​in prison, or what it'd feel like to be part of a ​deadly w​estern joke, there was something for everyone. Presented below is a roundup of some of my favorite short movies from the year. 

My Favorite Picture of You is a nostalgic trip into a couple's past. With hundreds of images—still and moving—directors TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay beautifully compose a visual narrative around a short interview between Martin's aging grandparents. Life is wearing them down, but it hardly keeps them down. Love, experience, and joy emanate from the pictures and rapport shared on screen between the Martin family. It's a true short film gem from this Academy-Award winning filmmaking duo.

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