Burger King / Even More Confusing Times / David/Madrid


    Before forming the directing-duo Biceps, Zipi and Audikana each had their own thriving careers. Zipi started out as an art director and went on to become an award-winning creative director in Spain. Ego went from film school into photography. They both eventually found their way to directing. Zipi in the commercial realm and Ego with a focus on fashion and music videos. Their true strength however has come through flexing their muscles together as Biceps. 


    Biceps work combines storytelling and aesthetics, using striking art direction, dynamic cinematography, and memorable characters to create beautifully cinematic films with a comedic edge. They have created stand-out campaigns for global brands such as Burger King, Ikea, Disney, Audi, Renault, and Gillette and they’re pumped to begin working in the US.


    Biceps are represented by Blur in Spain and Outsider in the UK.