Yael Staav

Yael Staav

Short Film / An Awesome Book Of Love


    Yael’s career kicked off in 2007 with a Cannes Lion Grand-Prix for Dove “Evolution.” In the decade-plus that followed, Yael has honed her craft to prove to herself she was worthy of the early accolades.

    Yael is drawn to characters and stories that help connect us to ourselves and others. Her work for Nintendo with Serena Williams and actresses Brie Larson and Akwafina with Leo Burnett Chicago, Linkedin with 215McCann San Francisco, AWS with WorldFamous, Publix with 22Squared Tampa and Cedars Sinai with RPA, tap into small moments that reveal who we are at our core. Much of her work is about self-discovery, examining incidental details that often go unnoticed in a world that’s all too much, too fast.

    In 2018 Yael was honored by the Directors’ Guild of Canada for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy Series, for the second season of ‘Baroness Von Sketch’ (CBC/IFC). She also garnered a Canadian Screen Directing award for the series.

    Yael’s currently in production on the latest season of the CBC comedic series, ‘Workin’ Moms’ (Netflix). 

    Always up for an adventure, a laugh, an early call-time, a shared cry, or a craft burrito - the process and the journey of telling stories keeps Yael at it with fiery dedication.

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