Cardi B Gets Her Own Pepsi Ad for the Grammys

Speck and Gordon continue to lead Cardi B’s Pepsi reign with a follow-up ad focusing on the megastar for the 61st Grammy Awards. “More than OK” for the LIII Super Bowl wasn't the last we’d see of the rapper for the soda empire. 

Back in the same diner, a customer orders a Coke as the waitress asks him “is Pepsi OK?” A baffled Cardi B chimes in, “of course Pepsi is okurrr" as fellow customers at the diner attempt to understand the signature catchphrase themselves. From the local cops to Monét X Change, and the pigeons cooing outside, everyone seems to join in with their own version of the phrase for the campaign out of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. 

The ad will air during the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10th. The rapper is set to perform and is up for five nominations including album and record of the year.