Fenar Ahmad’s Third Feature Film, Valhalla, Premieres

Fenar Ahmad’s Third Feature Film, Valhalla, Premieres

Writer/Director Fenar Ahmad’s third feature film Valhalla has just been released to critical acclaim.

Based on children’s Nordic folktales, Valhalla tells the story of two young Viking children who prevail against the evil Gods and save the Universe.

Fenar collaborated with renowned cinematographer Kasper Tuxen, creating the film’s rich cinematic story world. The film is an uplifting message of empowerment for young women and girls.

Fenar's second feature film, Darkland, is inspired by his personal family story. The film depicts the challenges many immigrants experience living on the fringes of a new society and culture. Darkland was recognized by the Academy Awards in 2017 for Best Foreign Language Film.

Fenar has directed commercials for brands like Reebok and numerous Music Videos.