In Dougal Wilson’s IKEA ad a dull ghost party gets way more lively

/ AdAge

Ikea's latest “Wonderful Everyday” ad from the U.K. takes the traditional depiction of "ghosts" in their white sheets and gives them a patterned-fabric twist.

The spot, directed by Dougal Wilson for Mother London, starts off in a darkened suburban house where the owners have just gone out. A bunch of white-sheeted ghosts appear and hold a somewhat dull party--they dance decorously to smooth electro-pop and hand round cocktail sausages. Then a bunch of patterned-fabric gatecrashers arrive. The interlopers put on some hip-hop and start body-popping, flipping around the floor, taking selfies and generally livening up the party--although you get the feeling the white-sheet ghosts disapprove somewhat.

However, when the owners' key turns in the lock, the fabrics quickly transform themselves into cushions, curtains and rugs to give the room a funky new feel. (As they sit down in their new room, the woman's comment, that it looks "quite nice," is a nice touch of typically British understatement.) The end line encourages you to be a "maverick with fabric."

Mother, Dougal Wilson, Blink and post house MPC previously collaborated on Ikea’s Shirts ad in 2015, and this spot has echoes of its of its whimsical charm.

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