Kristoffer Borgli's New Music Video on The FADER

/ The Fader

A lot of things happen to Jordan Raf in his new video for "Scales of St. Michael." He gets beaten up, bloodied, pissed on, and has his limbs contorted. It is difficult to watch at times, and unfortunately the comfort of telling yourself "this didn't actually happen in real life" doesn't apply in this case. The Los Angeles singer and songwriter writes to me in an email that everything that happens to him in the video is real. The visual's are a raw display of humanity — a terrifying and effective reminder of just how fragile our bodies are. Coupled with Raf's syrup-slurred vocals, this latest audiovisual is as effective as a punch in the gut.

Borgli, writing to The FADER via email about the concept behind the shoot, named Jackass, BDSM, and Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike as inspirations.

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