Speck and Gordon Continue the Dilly Dilly Saga for Bud Light With A Spanish Language Twist for World Cup

While we haven’t seen the regal “Dilly Dilly” crew in an ad since the Super Bowl, they’ve certainly remained active, whether trolling the Masters or hoping to get drafted by the Jets.

But now the monarch of malt—whose name is apparently King John Barley IV—is back in two new spots, alongside some new characters and a few familiar faces.

In this ad, we see he’s ventured far to learn the secrets of the future from a mysterious woman in exchange for Bud Light.

The ad from Wieden + Kennedy New York is notably Spanish-centric, part of the brand’s ongoing marketing focus on Hispanic audiences in the lead-up to the 2018 World Cup. But as you might expect, the king isn’t quite worldly enough to have mastered the language yet.

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