Speck and Gordon in Fast Company

Speck and Gordon in Fast Company

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Apple - Backstage

There’s plenty of news coming out of Apple’s WWDC conference event—and plenty of corny jokes being made from the Apple execs on the stage—but to introduce the event, they brought in a few ringers to ensure that the jokes actually landed.

To pull that off, they began the event with a video starring Bill Hader as "David LeGrey," a Birdman-style visionary producing the event’s high-profile opening number. He assaults an Angry Bird, and nearly gets a Goat Simulator stand-in goat killed before confronting Veep’s Matt Walsh—as a floating "angel investor"—and Community’s Danny Pudi, who performs a dramatically auto-tuned rap number. When things go bad, though, the more traditionally stripped-down Apple keynote stage setup returns—prepping the area for Tim Cook and Craig Federighi’s big-time dad jokes.

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