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Love Has Even Worse Odds Than the Lottery in McCann’s Broadway-Style Meet Cute

Real life isn't always like a rom com.

Everybody knows winning the lottery is a long shot—but how about falling in love with a random stranger while you’re crossing the street in opposite directions?

It turns out those odds are even worse, at least according to a fun musical number from the New York Lottery and McCann New York.

A young woman—vaguely reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel—and a young man—a cross somewhere between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ryan Gosling—stumble on each other one quaint, rainy night. There’s magic in the air as they lock eyes—and they break into song—marveling at the their romantic luck over a jazzy piano intro.

That unbridled optimism, though, is not long for their little world. As the duet picks up steam and they get to know one another, it becomes clear they’re not very compatible after all.

It’s a fun little ride—the tune is well-written, the interjections are sharp, the choreography is the right balance of gleeful and cheeky. It’s lushly filmed, and taps into familiar rom com tropes—evoking La La Land and 500 Days of Summer—but also delivers a twist, skewering them wonderfully.

First, there’s the breathlessness of the meet cute and the honeymoon phase—then there’s rapid deflation of expectations that often follows as reality sets in—hopes dashed in nearly an instant. Just like playing the Take 5—except in that case, the thrill probably doesn’t even last a day.

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