Twizzlers “Chew On It” Campaign Directed by Kristoffer Borgli

/ AdAge

Chewing on Twizzlers may be just the thing to help you tackle the challenging thoughts running through your mind, according to a campaign breaking today from Droga5, the agency’s first work for the brand since Hershey Co. added the agency to its roster in September.

Each “Chew on it” video features a character chewing on Twizzlers while they seem to be pondering a tough question. But then, the voiceover in their heads reveals what they’re actually wondering about. To hilarious effect, it turns out to be more mundane than each scenario suggests. 

In a spot called "Cold Case,” a detective seems to be searching for clues in the woods, perhaps investigating a murder. Actually, he's trying to figure out how to avoid spending some time with a guy who he clearly doesn't want at his birthday party. In “Only the Road Knows,” a guy sitting in the passenger seat next to his girlfriend on a drive is tied up in his own thoughts. Does he want to break up with her or find a new way to spice up their relationship? No, he's debating whether to take up skateboarding past his prime. "Second Thoughts," as its title suggests, shows a bride having second thoughts on her wedding day. No, not about the marriage. She's busy pondering whether she overused exclamation points in a work email.

According to the agency, research showed that consumers enjoy Twizzlers not just for its flavor, but for the experience of chewing the candy, thus leading to the campaign tagline of "Chew on it."

The campaign was shot by Kristoffer Borgli at Furlined. The DP was Sam Eley, who was the DP of the Academy Award-winning feature film “Lady Bird.”

Each of the 30-second videos is set to air online and in cinemas starting this week. A 15-second version of “Cold Case” is set to run on TV.