Zak Razvi for Mullen Lowe London

/ David Reviews

Inspiring The Future take a linguistic approach to addressing sexism in this intriguing film. The campaign continues their work from 2016, in which they asked children to draw pictures of various professions - firefighters, doctors, soldiers - and the results were, invariably, male.

This time the focus is on adults, as a montage of men rejecting the idea of female members of their workforce plays out, building tension as we wonder what exactly they mean. Luckily, it's revealed we're being challenged to change how we talk and think - to stop specifying a 'female surgeon' and simply stick with 'surgeon’.

It's a solid concept, preaching verbal equality as a method of altering perceptions and changing minds - although the execution is a little risky as it relies on people watching until the end. Thought-provoking work from MullenLowe and director Zak Razvi.

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