Henry Hobson’s Maggie

An audacious discovery.


Clayton Vomero in Dazed

Effortless and honest – GANG is an “instant classic” about three young friends searching for meaning and identity.


Henry Hobson in Shots

It’s the ultimate game of hide and seek…teens are running from each other – or something – in the woods.


Björn Rühmann in NOWNESS

Conjuring the malady of our American psyche, with it’s themes of isolation and disconnection.


Speck and Gordon in Mashable

Adorable boy, ruggedly handsome dad and labrador puppies…what could possibly go wrong?


Diane McArter in Shots

The future is feminine – Diane gets all girly in this LA interview with Simon Wakelin.


Henry Hobson in Deadline

Henry Hobson stole the show at the Oscars with his masterful screen design and sequence direction.


Martin + Lindsay in Shots

How to say I love you…without saying I love you? These couples explore the hallmark of love.


Clayton Vomero’s Facebook

Friends make the best tour guides. Where will your friends take you?


AdAge | Creativity Awards 2014

​Furlined named one of the Top Ten Production Companies in AdAge/Creativity’s 2014 Awards Report.


Dougal Wilson in Adweek

Lurpak “Adventure Awaits” and John Lewis “Monty the Penguin” garner Dougal Wilson two ads in Adweek’s 10 Best of the Year.


Kristoffer Borgli in Dazed

Weird and wonderful, a Norwegian auteur confronts his past and reveals a set of truths.


Speck and Gordon’s Intel Toshiba

Will Speck and Josh Gordon talk about the making of “The Power Inside.”


Dougal Wilson in Adweek

​Dougal Wilson, Blink and Mother London bring you a strange, soaring and lovely new ad for IKEA.


Martin + Lindsay’s Facebook

Friends are the best supporting act – when’s the last time you sang a duet?


Kristoffer Borgli in Pitchfork

Borgli talks about translating his personal experiences into stark, evocative clips.


Furlined in Shots’ Dispatches in Dreamland

Branding the Branders – Dispatches in Dreamland talks production with Diane McArter.


Saam Farahmand in Creativity

Forget your preconceptions of beauty – Viktoria Modesta is the prototype.


Martin + Lindsay in Vice

Memories fade, others become more vivid, time keeps pressing on.


Nick Ball in Creativity

Take a trippy journey into the world of vegetables with a talking yam.


Yael Staav in AdAge

AdAge’s #1 Campaign of the 21st Century – Dove questions female standards of beauty.


Martin + Lindsay in Creativity

A tribute to the modern family – bravely tapping into a cultural truth.


Dougal Wilson in Adweek

Dougal Wilson’s John Lewis holiday spot ‘Monty the Penguin’ is a magical tale of friendship and love from the folks at adam&eveDDB, Blink and MPC London.


Dan Wieden speaks to D&AD

“I wish I’d done that” – Climate Name Change is powerful and insightful.


Nez in 1.4

​​Did you say drones and jet packs? Nez’s new music video for Ten Walls delivers.


Douglas Avery in Creativity

Douglas Avery tames the elements for Carhartt – awful weather has never looked so inviting.


Brian Aldrich in AgencySpy

​Make an impact where you can – because most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes…


Interview with Henry Hobson

Henry Hobson shares his thoughts about graphic design, directing and his fascination with advertising.


Nez in The Plus

Director Nez brings an Attenborough-esque feel to the music world in Walking with Elephants.


Björn Rühmann’s Ikea

When the humans are away the puppy will play – discovering every corner of your bedroom.


Yael Staav in GOOD

If I was a dinosaur and you were a jet, there’s a chance, a good chance, that we’d never have met.


Eric Appel in Serial Optimist

The hilarious, inspiring and wonderfully passionate Eric Appel talks about fruit, TV and the future.


Stuart Parr in Creativity

What comes after Inspector Gadget and Knight Rider? The answer has finally arrived!


Brian Aldrich in Little Black Book

A moldy mise-en-scene of kitchen sink drama, a man’s belittling blue rubber gloves, everything awash in muted, mundane colors – this is the world of “Not Funny.”


Nez in New York Times

Color that moves with you – a new campaign for Fruit of the Loom out of The Richards Group.


Speck and Gordon in AdAge

Your iPhone is a fat lazy man who just won’t do what you tell him to – ever.


Yael Staav at TIFF

A man suffers a mid-life crisis on the occasion of his daughter’s prom.


Björn Rühmann in Shots

Thomas and his train of thought leads to the creation of an alternate universe.


Saam Farahmand in Creativity

The world is waiting for someone…to be the voice of a new generation. To unleash their passion….to bear their soul and speak to ours.


Furlined in Communication Arts

Make meaning. Make stuff you love. Make a cup of coffee. Make music. Make time to read. Make to do lists. Make what you are.


Björn Rühmann in Shots

Portraits of the American Revolution – evoking the beauty and brutality of our history.


Brian Aldrich in Creativity

A woman gains a bit of courage to leave her husband…for a cup of tea.


Björn Rühmann in 2020k

An exceptionally beautiful piece of minimalism that has the power to pull you in and spill you out in a far-away, parallel universe.


Martin + Lindsay in Huffington Post

TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay on where they’re from, music, teams, Undefeated and the Oscars.


Saam Farahmand in Motionographer

Saam is back with “Machine” for Belgian electronic pioneers Soulwax.


Speck and Gordon in Shots

Nestling into the mind-meld with the directing team Will Speck and Josh Gordon.


Björn Rühmann in Creativity

Cravendale’s spot from Wieden + Kennedy London poses the question: who first thought to milk a cow?


Eric Appel in Huffington Post

While football fans wait with baited breath to see when and if the NFL lockout will come to an end, Funny or Die has taken matters into their own hands by creating a fantastical solution to the problem.


Speck and Gordon in AdAge

If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, why not make gays get married…like the rest of us?


Björn Rühmann in AdAge

A gentle giant finally finds someone who understands how to put his energy to use.